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I’m sure you’ve heard of Patreon before, and I’m sure you’ve also heard about crows funding. Well, believe it or not, now we have crowdfunding for porn games. And although it might sound funny at first, I can assure you that it is the best thing that could happen to the adult gaming world. Now the tables have turned and the power of decision is in the hands of the creators. Before this, gaming developers used to work for online business owners. There businessmen would come up with the funding for the games, and they would dictate how the games should look like. Basically, they were flooding the web with clickbait games which weren’t focused on the needs of the players, but on the needs of the business. The gameplay was all the same, with no substantial plot lines and with flashy characters based on celebrities so that people will start playing the game. And that was the only thing mattering. As long as the players will get on the site and start the game, the money kept flowing. But all of a sudden, we’re seeing a massive change in the world of adult gaming. The new Patreon Sex Game concept enables players to finance the games they’d like to see develop. And the developers aren’t under the pressure of some business owner. They can focus on crafting proper adult games that are actually worth playing. Let’s see what makes the games of our site so special in the paragraphs below.

The XXX Games We All Want To Play

When the world community of adult gamers are the ones who decide which games will be made, the result is amazing. When you look at the games that are being made right now, and you compare them with what came out in the past years, you’ll realize that the titles are focusing more on what the gamers need. For example, amongst the most popular game categories that are crowdfunded through Patreon, you will find Porn RPGs, Mystery Case Files, Visual Novels, Adventure Games and Dating And Sex Life Simulators. These games have one thing in common. They rely a lot on the story and dialogue interaction to offer a proper erotic gaming experience. Which proves once again that gamers care more about story than they care about graphics.

And the stories of these games are so well built. You will notice less porn game parodies in this collection and more original titles. Each Patreon Sex Game comes with a new universe, new characters, different kinks and fantasies, plus interactions with different outcomes that will change the narrative thread based on your decisions. The stories are presented mostly through text. That’s because the stories are bigger and more complex, with all kinds of characters, and hiring voiceover actors for the games would skyrocket the production costs. Previous generations of adult games had voiceed over dialogue mostly because they had one or two characters with two or three lines and some moaning.

Optimized Graphics In Bug Free Games

If you thought that the regular HTML5 porn games looked good, you would be amazed by each and every Patreon Sex Game. Nothing really changed when it comes to the technology of making these games. Most of them are made using the same engines, and they’re even made by the same graphic designers and programmers. However, now all the developers have all the time they need to properly finish a game. Before getting crowd funded by Patreon, these games came out on a tight schedule. Since the developers were employed to finish these games, the employers would push them to cut corners so that they can put out more content.

Now, each Patreon Sex Game developer has the time to calibrate all engines of the game and even test the games to discover potential bugs. Also, now we have a true Beta and Alpha launch. Some of the old games would be launched in beta to the general public and they’d never get the alpha updates. In most cases now, the beta is only available to Patreon members, who are truly invested in the game they funded. So, it’s in their interest to make sure that the beta gets all the feedback it needs to generate an alpha version of the game that’s on point.

Is Patreon Bringing Us VR Porn Games?

Yes, there are some VR porn games in the workings that are financed exclusively by Patreon subscribers but don’t expect too much. VR games are not as easy to develop as HTML5 games. There will be some interactive point and click sex simulators coming out in the following months, but these titles are more like a fad and nothing too serious. However, they’re useful for the adult gaming industry as a whole. They will popularize the niche, and when the technology will be less complex and more accessible to xxx game developers, I’m sure that we’ll get some immersive porn experiences in VR that will make you doubt reality itself.

Who Owns A Patreon Sex Game After It’s Finished Developing?

The games that you’ll find on our site are owned by the very teams who developed them. I know that some might consider the games are property of the group of Patreon subscribes who financed it. However, crowdfunding is not the same as buying actions to a public company. It’s more of a donation or artist support token. Basically, the Patreon subscribers can get some perks, such as beta access, insides and even tutorials on how to develop different elements of the games. But the games will always be the property of the developing team that created them. In most cases, like in all cases on our site, developers struck a gentlemen’s agreement with Patreon subscribers through which they promise to offer free gameplay with no restrictions to the open public. It does sound a bit like communism, but I can assure you it’s not, because this time it is actually working.

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